Announcement of 2013 Bor-Uei Chen Scholarship Winners

May 16, 2013


On behalf of the Bor-Uei Chen Memorial Scholarship Committee, we are pleased to announce that the 2013 year scholarship winners are:

 Cheng Liu, PhD candidate, Georgia Institute of Technology

 Hao Huang, PhD candidate, University of Southern California

 The scholarship will be presented in the PSC Annual Conference in Palo Alto, California, June 9, 2013. The following gives some highlights about B-U Chen memorial scholarship.

1. The purpose of this scholarship is (1) to honor Dr. Bor-Uei Chen for his contributions to photonics and his services to the photonics ommunity; (2) to recognize outstanding graduate students in the field of optical communications and photonic devices.

2. A scholarship committee, appointed by the PSC Board of Directors, is responsible for making announcements, conducting fund raising, and overseeing the selection process.

3. Each year, the Committee will issue a call for nomination in winter time. The committee will determine and oversee the review process of applications and make recommendations to the PSC Board of Directors for final approval. The winner(s) will be announced on PSC websites and notified individually one or two months before the PCS Annual Conference.

4. The selection of scholarship winners is based on the merit of candidate's research work, which must be documented by technical publications or conference presentations and supported by strong recommendations from the      candidate's sponsor and advisor.

5. The scholarship award consists of an award certificate and a check of U$1,000. The amount of scholarship and the number of winners might vary; the Committee reserves the right to make changes deemed necessary.

6. The scholarship will be awarded annually and presented at the PSC Annual Conference. The winners will be invited to give a short presentation about his/her research work. They should make every effort to attend the Annual Conference.

7. All applications (nomination form, resume, recommendation letters, and other supporting materials) should arrive to the Chair of Scholarship Committee before or on the deadline date.


2013 Year Scholarship Committee:   

Dr. Gordon Li, Former PSC President

Dr. Nelson Shen, PSC President

Dr. Yan Yin, PSC CFO and EOA president

Dr. Robert Chang, EOA Board Director


2013 Bor-Uei Chen Memorial Scholarship Award

Deadline for receiving nomination has been extended to April 30, 2013. Click for more Details.