2014 Announcement




The Twentieth Bor-Uei Chen Memorial Scholarship Award


Frank Chang, PSC President


Norman Kwong; Chairman of Sholarship Committee




On behalf of the Bor-Uei Chen Memorial Scholarship Committee, I am pleased to announce that the Twentieth scholarship award will be presented in the PSC Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, California during OFC’2015. The Committee is now accepting nominations of qualified candidates from any sponsoring PSC members. You can copy the nomination form on the last page for your own use and attach any supporting documents to demonstrate candidate's achievements in academics and research. Nomination form is also available on PSC web sites: ( ( ( or send your request directly to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The nomination deadline is November 15, 2014. Nominations received after this date will not be considered. For convenience, electronic submission is preferable. Here are some highlights about this memorial scholarship:




1. The purpose of this scholarship is 1) to honor Dr. Bor-Uei Chen for his contributions in photonics and his services to the photonics community; 2) to recognize outstanding graduate students in the field of optical communications and photonic devices.




2.  A scholarship committee, appointed by the PSC Board of Directors, is responsible for making announcements, conducting fund raising, and overseeing the selection process.




3. Each year, the Committee will issue a call for nomination in the winter (or summer). The committee will determine and oversee the review process of applications and make recommendations to the PSC Board of Directors for final approval. The winner or winners will be announced on the websites and notified individually one or two months before the Annual Meeting.




4. The selection of scholarship winners will be based on the merit of candidate's research work, which must be documented by technical publications or conference presentations and supported by strong recommendations from the candidate's sponsor and advisor.




5.  The scholarship award consists of an award certificate and a check of $1,000.  The amount of scholarship and the number of winners may vary, and the Committee reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary.  The winners in past years include:




1995: Lih-Yuan Lin (UCLA), Jerry Chen (MIT), Yan Sun (Stanford)


1996:Li-Ping Chen (UCLA),Yongan Wu (Stanford),  Wei-Chiao Fang (UIUC)


1997:Wenhua Lin (UMBC)


1998:Xiaonong Shen (UCSB),Jianhua Zhao (UCSB)


1999:Ming Li (Rensselaer),Alan Yuan-Chun Hsu (UIUC)


2000: (No Recipients Selected)


2001:Xiaomin Jin (UIUC), Sheng-Kwang Hwang (UCLA)


2002: Shuo Tang (UCLA)


2003: How-Foo Chen (UCLA), Chih-Hao Chang (UC Berkeley)


2004: Fan-Yi Lin (UCLA), Shun-Der Wu (Georgia Tech)


2005: Hsu-Feng Chou (UCSB), Chao-Yuan Chen (NCTU, Taiwan)


2006: Dongliang Yin (UCSC),Chia-Lung Hsieh (NTU, Taiwan)


2007: Sze-Chun Chan (UCLA), Michael Chung-Yi Huang (UC Berkeley),

          Yi Zhang (UC Santa Cruz)


2008: Bo Zhang (USC), Zhensheng Jia (Georgia Tech),

          Xiaoxue Zhao (UC Berkeley)


2009: (No Recipients Selected)


2010: Xiankai Sun (Caltech), Yu-Ting Hsueh (Georgia Tech),

          Li-Min Chen (UCLA), Songnan Wu (Arizona State)


2011: Ludan Huang (UW Seattle), Chien-Yao Lu (UIUC)



2012: (No Recipients Selected)


2013: Huang Hao* (USC), Cheng Liu (Georgia Tech)

                     *: Huang Hao just won the IEEE 2014 student award from IEEE Photonics Society after winning PSC 2013 student award!  



In 2014, the Committee plans to select two or three award winners.


6. The scholarship will be awarded annually and presented at the PSC Annual Meeting.  The winners will be invited to give a short presentation about his/her research.  They should make every effort to attend the Annual Meeting.




7. All applications (nomination form, resume, recommendation letters, and other supporting materials) should be submitted to the Chair of Scholarship Committee at the following e-mail address before the deadline. Electronic submission is preferable. Please contact the following individuals for inquiries.  



          Dr. Frank Chang, PSC President                                     

          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                          

          (805) 719-2382 (Mobile)                                      


          Norman Kwong, Chairman of Scholarship Committee

          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


         (818) 415-6160 (Mobile)



2014 Year Committee Members:


Dr. Norman Kwong, Chairman of the Committee


Dr. Yijie Huo, PSC-NC President                        


Dr. Aihua Guo, PSC-A President


Dr. Yan Yin, PSC-CFO


Dr. Frank Chang, PSC-SC and PSC President


Advisors: Dr. Gordon Li; Dr. Shan Zhong         




8. Key dates:        June 27, 2014                Announcement e-mailed & posted on websites


                             November 15, 2014      Deadline for receiving nomination materials


                             December 15, 2014          Reviewed by the PSC Scholarship Committee


                             December 31, 2014          Announcement and notification of winners


                             March 22-26, 2015       Scholarship awarded during the PSC Annual Meeting


                                                                   During OFC’15 (Los Angeles, California)

The Photonics Society of Chinese-Americans




                                  Dr. Bor-Uei Chen Memorial Scholarship Award


                                                            Nomination Form


                               (Attaching a brief resume to this form is recommended)




Full name of nominee ________________________________________________________




Date of birth _____________________        Place of birth ___________________________




Address ___________________________________________________________________




Tel ___________________    Fax ___________________   e-mail _____________________




School attending _____________________________________________________________




Department _________________________________________________________________




Major research areas __________________________________________________________




Degree program ___________________       Year expected to receive the degree __________




Thesis title (if any) ___________________________________________________________




Thesis advisor (if applicable) ___________________________________________________




School of undergraduate _______________________________________________________




Major in undergraduate ___________________       Graduation year ____________________




Papers & Patents*  ____________________________________________________________




Honors & Awards*____________________________________________________________




* Attach a separate sheet if necessary




Other comments (such as special projects, outstanding research achievements, etc.):








Sponsor's name __________________________      Tel _______________________________




Address _____________________________________________________________________




Sponsor's signature _____________________________      Date ________________________




Return this nomination form, together with supporting information, no later than November 15, 2014, to:


Dr. Frank Chang, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .